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Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Service in Navi Mumbai

Measured Kitchen' a term utilized for the advanced kitchen format, which comprises of number of cupboards to hold various things in various segments. There are two areas to be specific floor segment and divider segment, floor segment is one having cupboards connected to the floor and divider segment having cupboards appended to the divider and essentially close to the housetop. As we as a whole realize that we have space impediments in the loft and houses, MINDFEILD help us in sparing space and giving out the best in constrained space particular kitchen.

Cooking can be upsetting, a break from the everyday routine. It would clarify the developing pattern of particular kitchen structure arrangements. A base necessity when considering to up-scale your kitchen is to ensure that the plan works for you, in a functional and conscientious way. Each niche and crevice can be changed to fill a need. While method and accuracy are significant it is similarly as critical to have a lovely and extravagant kitchen. Here MINDFEILD has gone along a couple of essential and straightforward tips to change your kitchen from normal to particular.

Modular Kitchen :
Perfect solutions for every space.

1. Plan your format

We help pretty much every one of the things with a secluded kitchen is you have to focus on a format. The greatest preferred position is that you get a reasonable counter space, anyway your stove, broiler and microwave all have a fixed area as they get flushed into divider cupboards. MINDFEILD Measure out the separations. We don’t disconnect your broiler ensure you have a counter close enough to put your hot plates on.

2. Pick your hues

We avoid an all-white kitchen, it is high upkeep and requires standard cleaning. You can blend and match various mixes and utilize the lighter hues on top cupboards. Most organizations will offer you pre-characterized yet abnormal blends to decide for settling on your choice simpler.

3. Select a proper stature

It come in all shapes and sizes. We alter your counter stature to suit your necessities. MINDFEILD Don't settle on a higher counter in a journey to get more stockpiling. It is conceivable to change the statures of your counters as the particular framework can oblige this customization.

4. Go for bigger cupboards

Try not to break your cupboards into numerous minor modules, it will make your kitchen look occupied. We propose Go for bigger drawers that can oblige littler divisions inside it.

5. Remember the corners

Pivoting merry go rounds, elbow racks and a scope of new innovative plans are currently regular spot. You never again need to consign your corner spaces to dead stockpiling.

6. Get rid of the handles

With creative innovation, it is conceivable to have cupboards and drawers with no handles, all you need is a light push. You don't need to stress over cleaning them or stalling out we are there for you.

Customized Design

In-time Completion

Highly Profession

2 Year Warranty

Experienced Designers

Maintaince Tips

You should seek an interior designer surpassing you start your home or office project. Our Interior Designer will research and then presenting a few choices to select from, on the basis of you’re all requirements, needs, and budget etc. An interior designer will save you time, money, and simplify your life by guiding you to prevent plush mistakes such as purchasing items too small or large for space.

Before starting, we have an in depth discussion to know your requirements.

  • After understanding your requirements we will be sharing you the estimate days & quotation to get the job done.

  • We will be taking the necessary measurements of your space.

  • Then we share a layout presentation, showing you our early drawings.

  • Once design gets approved from you, we will start interior work.

It will be varies based on the requirement but ideally on an average it takes following period:

  • Traditional kitchen - 6 weeks.

  • Living room + accessory - 1 or more week.

  • Rest room - 1 month.

  • Custom design - 3-4 months.

Most probably it’s depend on the 10% to 15% cost of your entire space (home or office). If you have a selected layout rate finances in thoughts, we're more than satisfied to put together an offer, declaring what we can provide, keeping inside your budget. But you can make a booking at Mindfields for whatever budget you have in mind. Our interior designers will respond only after keeping all your preferences in mind and will design your space according to your budget.

When you hire a service from Mindfields, there is no need to personally supervise anything, However You should have clarity in what exactly you will get at the end So, your time can be optimized by planned material selection.

The Portfolio web page on this website has a sampling of our home/office layout work. Feel loose to contact us to look extra snap shots of different initiatives. And please bear in mind following us on Facebook Page.